Medicare Announces New Smartphone App – More Reasons to Buy Medicare Supplements

Smartphones and Apps

Just a few years ago many seniors were reluctant to make the leap to owning smartphones due to many factors such as cost and technophobia.  But as smartphones get smarter and easier to use, millions of American age 65+ now own them.  And there are millions more buying them every year.  For this reason, Medicare has been working on a new App that can is designed for Android and iPhone users.  It’s been in development for about a year and the first version has just been released from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on February 6th, 2019.  Medicare Supplements cover most gaps in coverage, so those policyholders may not find much use in this App.


Medicare Supplements Cover This Already

Common Medicare complaints stem from receiving a bill for items/services that are not covered by Medicare.  This also includes unknown copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.  Medicare coverage for Parts A & B varies widely and depends on many factors.  Knowing this at the time you receive the care can help avoid surprises.  For this reason, CMS has received direction from President Trump to create tools to help that deliver this information to Medicare beneficiaries using methods that are simple and easily accessible.  Medicare created this smartphone App for this very reason, and it’s available to download for Free.


Simple and Easy to Use

So you can sit in doctor’s office and use this App on their smartphone to look up a questionable healthcare item or service by name and see if it’s “Covered”.  What’s really cool is you don’t need a data connection for it to work.  It does not appear to include all covered services but is focused on content that is considered to be the “most-used” on the website.


Just the Beginning

This announcement mentions this new App is just one of many technology improvements toward empowering Medicare beneficiaries with the information they need to get the best value from Medicare.  A copy of the CMS announcement can be found by clicking HERE


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