Changing Medigap Plans

Is Medigap on Autopilot?Uhhh, NO!

I LOVE WHAT I DO! I’m in a profession where I help people understand Medicare and make choices that are in their best interest.
Lately, I’ve spoken with many people who have made Medicare choices without consulting with an industry expert and ended up enrolling in a plan that was NOT a good fit for them.The question they ask is: How can I go about changing Medigap plans?

“It was so confusing when I turned 65 and I didn’t really understand all the different Medicare plans and ended up enrolling in a plan that I thought was THE BEST,” says Cindy P. in Las Vegas. “I’ve been in this same plan for over 9 years and I’ve never had any problems with it…I thought it was pretty much on autopilot…if it’s not broke then don’t fix it right?”

What she didn’t realize is that she was enrolled in the most expensive Medicare Supplement plan with a reputable insurance company that also happens to be notorious for huge price increases each year.I helped her go about changing her Medigap plan so she could save money.

In the end, I helped Cindy save about $90 per month and helped her enroll in a plan that is a much better fit for her needs. Medicare supplement plans are NOT on Autopilot. Every Medigap plan member should be informed of the most recent updates and price increases. More importantly, they should know how their plan compares to all other plans and companies.And they should always feel comfortable changing Medigap Plans when the rates increase too much.

Too often people tell me they’re afraid to change plans for fear of messing up their current coverage. There’s nothing to lose by ASKING. At the very least you’ll find out some answers, and knowledge is the best weapon against Medicare costs.

If you’re curious to know if you can qualify to save money by changing your Medigap plan with a company that’s reputable and stable, then CALL US!You have nothing to lose, and you might even save money like Cindy!